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Hyperparathyroid UK Action4change - New information leaflet launched June 2023.

Long overdue, but here it is. We hope this leaflet will be shared far and wide with clinicians we feel will benefit from reading it. As usual, there is so much information to squeeze into a fairly small space, but I think we've done a good job. As included on the cover of my book, 'It's Not All About the Levels', I've added these examples below in the hope clinicians will relate them to how our calcium is regulated and impacted by parathyroid hormone, vitamin D and magnesium.

I've included six pages of information briefly covering; Normocalcaemic Hyperparathyroidism, EDTA, Negative feedback loop, Magnesium, 'What your Doctor needs to know', Symptoms, Scans, Patient tips, Supplements, Timely treatment, 'Watch & Wait', Calcium reducing medications, Hospital labs, Clinical study dates...

Leaflets are available to order in packs of five costing £3 including postage. Please see our contact page for details.

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