Scroll down our gallery to see  post op photos, comments from our members about their surgery and the benefits to their quality of life. This page is to quell fear, give hope, and actually excitement about this surgery.

Deborah Webb

Deborah Webb.jpg

'I had my surgery 19th November 2021 with Steve Shering, in Bridgend. One adenoma was successfully removed, and all other glands were checked as well, and they were normal. Pre op calcium two weeks before surgery was 3.1mmol/L.  


The first picture is me being admitted to A&E with a kidney infection, feeling crap and at an all time low! The second picture cracks me up, this was two hours post op and I was very high on drugs but that’s the day I got my life back, even if I do look like crap. The third picture is a week after surgery and the last one is my lovely neat scar today.


I have not felt as alive as I do today, for a long time. My fatigue, brain fog, heart palpitations, acid reflux, bone pain, insomnia and constant trips to the loo for a pee have all gone. My post op calcium was 2.36, I feel awesome and doing everything I can to live my best life now that I’m better.


Hang on in there if you are suffering, thinking of everyone who is yet to get the surgery you so thoroughly deserve x'

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Lesley Halliday

When Lesly joined our group, her calcium and PTH were high at 2.81/9.00 and she had osteoporosis. She became an active member and researched her condition, which is just as well as a GP told her in November 2020, that as her sestamibi scan was negative, she didn't have an adenoma. Her surgeon Helen Doran disagreed and Lesley had surgery on 30 June 2021 with Ms Doran in Manchester. She'd been told in February, surgery might be six months depending on Covid, but Ms Doran would look at all glands, in case her inconclusive scans meant she had hyperplasia. Ms Doran removed an adenoma which measured 10mm x 8mm x3mm.  Lesley's post op adjusted calcium at three months remained at 2.35, and at six months, 2.34 with mid range PTH.

Lesly had the bubble wrap dressing distinctive to Miss Doran, and staples. Half of them were removed at two days post op, the remainder at three days. The result is an almost invisible scar, seen below at three weeks and then six months.

Lesley Haliday at 3 days post op_edited.jpg
Lesley Haliday 3 weeks post op_edited.jpg
Lesley Haliday at 6 months post op_edited.jpg
Clair Walton.jpg

Clair Walton

1 September 2020:

Seven days post op, stitch taken out this morning by nurse at GP's. I am very pleased with how much the incision has healed. It looks like a tiny scratch!

Also, impressed with the work of my surgeon James Smellie at Chelsea and Westminster  Hospital.

Claire Holloway

One of the many benefits to Claire's life after her parathyroidectomy, was that her hair loss seen in the first picture, ceased. The second picture was taken six months after her surgery in January 2021. You can read Claire's story amongst many others, in One Hundred Letters, published in May 2021; 

Claire Holloway 5th March 2021 hair loss.jpg
Claire Holloway 6 months post op.jpg
Denise Rawlings.JPG

Denise Rawlings

Just to give you all hope, the photo on the left is the day after my parathyroidectomy last November.
The photo on the right taken today 7 months later.Can't see my scar, and feel so much better each week.

20 November 2019:

Now home post op yesterday with Ms Markham at Warwick Hospital. Left lower parathyroid removed with growth on it. What a fabulous consultant Ms Markham is.Visited me before and after the op, and again this morning. So caring, efficient and knowledgeable. I can't praise her enough. Calcium checked before I left , and will be again on Friday and Monday. I see her again in 2 weeks.

Despite swelling, sore throat and some difficulty swallowing, I can already tell a lot of the nasty parathyroid symptoms have gone. She said it can be instantaneous relief. Back to just having Hashimoto's now.


Many thanks for all your support in this group.It has been invaluable.

Lesley Davidson

One calendar month post-op: brain fog completely gone, still some problems with my old memory/word blindness 🙄 (but I’m hoping 🤞) Generally feel loads better mentally, energy levels improving, sleeping better at night (most nights), starting to exercise and walk (but prefer to walk with someone - guess still bit anxious).

Had post-op with JM (Justin Morgan, Bristol) at 3 week stage. All good, seeing him 6 months post-op to check on remaining gland (hopefully he’ll be back). Supplements I’m taking daily: after breakfast - vitamin D capsule (400iu), cod liver oil capsule, vit K, boron. Hour later combined calcium/vit D. After lunch half magnesium malate (halved again as too big to swallow). Two hours before bed remaining magnesium malate. A second combined calcium/vitamin D during day if required (if get tingles). I also continue to take my HRT, furosemide, omeprazole and Montelukast for my pre-existing health issues. 

Robin Basso

Robin joined us in April 2019, diagnosed at 33 weeks pregnant, with Primary Hyperparathyroidism. Her adjusted calcium was 2.97, with elevated PTH of 12.6 range (1.59-7.24). Robin had some symptoms for 2 years but hadn't at that point seen an endocrinologist. 

Without wishing to cause distress, we alerted Robin to the seriousness of being monitored for both her and her baby. We were aware of two members whose newborn babies had experienced hypocalcemic tetany (see link below). We were very happy and see this beautiful picture of proud parents Robin and Mike with their baby daughter Cali Marie, born at 1.20 am by cesarean, on 19 May weighing a healthy 8lb 3oz.  Cali Marie was born with hypercalcemia, her level of calcium was 3.2 mmol/, matching Robin's increased levels. Robin was given fluids and a diuretic to reduce her levels, and Cali was tested every 4 hours. Her levels reduced into the normal range and she continues to be monitored over the next few days. Robin can now safely have parathyroid scans and hopefully surgery within 12 weeks. We will update with both their progress.


Update 31st December 2019 - still no surgery for Robin. She really wants to be well and able to have the energy needed with a young daughter. We sincerely hope 2020 brings an early surgery date Robin..

September 2020: Cali is now 16 months old and still no surgery for Robin... 'I was promised my op by the time she was 12 weeks but still to no avail keep pushing keep fighting guys it's been such a rough journey for the both of us'...

Robin and Cali who has just recently turned into a very happy one year old and yet Robin is no closer to having surgery. We have to hope she gets a date as soon as non urgent operations begin following Covid-19 Lockdown.

Update: Robin has finally had an appointment with an endocrinologist just a couple of weeks after Cali's first birthday. Awaiting blood test results....

Cali 16 months.JPG

January 18th  2021:Still no date for surgery for Robin...

Another year on, January 2022 and still no op date for Robin

Hypocalcemic tetany in the newborn as a manifestation of unrecognized maternal primary hyperparathyroidism:

The majority of our members are in the UK, but we celebrate when our members are cured from PHPT, wherever in the world they are.  These three Ladies share their great outcomes after surgery in Florida and LA.

Sheri Ferber    Sept 27, 18


Greetings all from my home away from home an Airbnb in Tampa Florida.  Arrived at NPC 11 am. Sestamibi scan is done. Last surgery of the day. Bad boy found embedded at center right. Went into surgery at 2.10 pm and left Hosp at 4.45/5pm.


All pics post surgery. Nurse Kelly, Surgeon Doug Politz, THE culprit and me a few moments ago. Horse pill calcium is taken. It hurts but I have already eaten! So far so good! Wishing everyone a terrific healing!

My incision is lovely.  My previous incision went from the outer corner of each eye. The para incision went right on top, it is slightly purplish but hardly noticeableI am taking 2 tabs of calcitrate plus, 500mg of magnesium, 5k Vit d3 daily, and 50k D2 weekly. Strangely I have gained 9 lbs. Not excited about that but do have a wildly improved appetite. Must get the booty scooting so that can come off.


14 days post op!

I just want to tell you how much you all mean to me. Your wisdom, support, ideas, humor all such nice additions to this dreadful dx. You are the high point of it all. I would miss you terribly if you went away

Dana Johnson

Hi paratrooper family. Norman Parathyroid Centre and Dr Mitchell were brilliant. In fact, everyone was top notch. One adenoma removed from the lower right side. Bone pain was horrendous for the last few days, now it’s totally gone. A little bit of a headache. Took one Motrin and calcium.  Thank you for all your support xo


Day four post op.


Staying in my PJ's like Sallie JP prescribed. Definitely tired. I think flying home 12 hours after surgery was hard on my body. The descent really bothered me.


Bone pain is gone. Brain fog is gone. Vision much better. Last two nights... Best sleep I have had in years. I am tired and my neck is stiff. No pain from the incision. I am going to be lazy and watch movies and rest for the next few days. Very happy.

Teri James Bellis:


It's Day 5, and I am doing far better than I ever could have expected at this point. Specific areas of obvious (and, in some cases, surprising) improvement that we have noticed post-op include: 

Brain fog is immensely improved, and was immediately noticed after the surgery in the recovery room!  The constant pain in my ribs and other bones, when pressed, is simply gone. We noticed that on day 2. I actually did not know that bones don't hurt when pressed. 

My blood pressure has been normal every time I have taken it (at least once per day) since the surgery. I have not had a normal BP reading in months (years?).  My stomach bloating and even puffiness in my face has decreased markedly and noticeably. I have had no anxiety/panic/adrenaline "attacks" since the surgery, even on the day we had to fly back and contend with flight delays; I was having these daily prior to surgery for many months. I have a great deal of energy; prior to surgery, I was so fatigued all the time. This is much improved! 


For 5 days out, this is a remarkable difference... I feel much the way I used to feel; (the person you never met).


I honestly thought, despite reading anecdotal responses that reported this sort of thing, that it was "hogwash" (or bs) ... but I am astounded at how different I feel overall.

Well, here I am at the Nuffield in Cambridge (UK).

Jackie Abrey - November 1st 2018

Thank you for all your lovely messages of support yesterday. My op went very well. I had one tumorous gland removed. Not sure of the size until I speak to Mr. Fish at my post-op appointment. I already feel much better than pre-op. Nausea has gone, so eating is a pleasure again (even this soon after surgery!). The terrible bloating has gone. I feel a bit weak, but that will pass. 

I’ve had blood tests this morning, so no results yet.  I’ve been given Vit D and calcium, plus painkillers to take home.  Just waiting for hubby to come in and take me home. The Nuffield in Cambridge is a fantastic hospital (more like a hotel!). I wouldn’t mind staying a few more nights!

Thanks again for all the support. Without this FB group, I wouldn’t have known much about this horrible disease. I’ll post updates again soon. 

Hope all of you waiting for your ops get them soon, and those who have had them continue to heal. 


Jackie xx 



What a difference a week makes. I had my stitches out yesterday and I am really pleased with the way it is healing. I have had a lot of positives since last Thursday, I no longer have sausage fingers and can now wear rings, I can't remember the last time I could put them on. The swelling in my feet and ankles has also gone. I can see bones and veins that I had forgot I had. My speech has also improved, no more "hang on, let me think" during a sentence while I try and drag the word I am looking for, out of my brain. Another biggy is I've lost 3lb of much-needed weight loss. I still have some jitters but that's expected. There is so much joy to be had on this other side.

Keep up the fight, you know when you are ill, and don't let anyone convince you any different. Xx

                                                                          One year Update:


Today is 1 year since my surgery, and what a life changer it has been. In the first few weeks my fatigue, brain fog, bone and joint pain had all gone, no more blurred vision, water retention and my anxiety had dramatically reduced. As the months went on I no longer felt sad all the time and started to embrace all the things I could do again. At 6 months I had lost a stone and my para belly! My hair was noticeably growing back, along with my eyebrows and eyelashes which I had not realised how thin they had become.

At 9 months I had my calcium and liver function check, as I had high liver functions readings since at least 2014. These both came back normal. My doctor told me I no longer have liver disease, which is fantastic.At around 10 months I noticed the fine hairs on my arm had begin to grow back, I have not had any for 9 years. Not that I want hairy arms but it showed that I was still recovering from this awful disease.

So be patient and kind to yourselves, understand that recovery can take a while and don't feel downhearted when it's not as quick as you had hoped. I have been one of the lucky ones because I have no other health issues and have felt the full benefit of have the surgery. I would like to thank this amazing group for giving me the help and support when I needed it. Also, Paul Wilson at the Royal Stoke hospital for giving me back the 'Joy of Life'. I hope my little story brings some hope and encouragement to you. Hang in there, there is life at the end of this very long and dark tunnel. Love to you all xx


Primary Hyperparathyroidism can have a very negative impact on partners, and family also.  We have talked about poor life quality for people with PHPT but please do tell your doctors about the impact on your family too.

Kathleen Cave

Hi all,

I'm just writing to say I am feeling fine after my op at Sheffield.

I saw Mr. Saba on the 15th who said 'Job Done'.

I would like to thank you one and all for all the help and support I have had, I did nearly say 'Sod it' but you all and Robert kept me at it and glad I did.

I haven't felt this good in a while. We went to our local eatery and I had a couple of white wines. If we can help other para sufferers Bob and I certainly will.  I know I am not out of the woods yet but I am getting there.

Kathleen xx


Read Kathleen's story written by her husband Robert Cave on our About HPT UK page.

                   Clare Williams

Look at me! Bouncing on a trampoline at 6.45pm!!  That's the time I used to go to bed pre-op!!

Kate Flucker

has had a very long journey following a failed parathyroidectomy nearly 2 decades ago. She joined us when we set up in September 2014 after originally meeting in the US group Parathyroid Disease Support and Awareness. We have followed her journey through 2 more surgeries. Despite being told by some surgeons that her level of 2.38mmol/l, with slightly elevated PTH and
 vitamin D within range, was unlikely to be hyperparathyroidism, she did not give up. Kate endured over 30 years of kidney stones (over 75 of them). Kate had a second unsuccessful surgery by Mr. Dominique Byrne on Tuesday, June 12th, but is optimistically looking forward to a third, and hopefully final, surgery before the end of the year (2018).

Third time lucky for Kate. Mr. Byrne was determined to find the elusive adenoma. At kate's post-op appointment, he revealed he found more than he expected to, much more!

Kate found out on 20th March from her pathology report, that Mr. Byrne removed 6 adenomas! 5 small and 1 large. He suggested that during Kate's 1st exploratory op, somehow a parathyroid adenoma split and apparently once split, they double, and though it explained why they did not show up on scans. They were not found when he first operated on Kate. She was also told pathology revealed she had Hashimoto's, which was never diagnosed, as well as thyroid cancer which came as a great shock to Kate, but since he removed her thyroid, no further treatment required.

Kate is really enjoying life again finally after 18 years of being unwell...

Clare Williams - Clare's excitement is contagious and we are so happy for her!

Clare really listened and took our post-op advice:  Take 3 weeks off work, rest and allow your body to come to terms with the hormonal rebalance. Listen to your body and have calcium, magnesium and vitamin D to hand to assist with bone resorption and symptoms of low calcium. If you are taking calcium and or vitamin D, you should also take magnesium. Enjoy ticking off those symptoms as they disappear. Go easy on yourself, people recover at different rates.

'If you're pre-op, please please don't give up on yourself. Give yourself a break. You're sick. Really sick. Use your time wisely and know in your heart that it's only temporary'. 

'You WILL get there! You WILL be your old self once again. The journey on the other side has its ups and downs too, but it's much happier on this side! Can't wait to see you all here!  Sending much love to you all! Keep fighting 'pre-oppers'. Your time will come'. 

               Trupti Dasigi Moore

The first holiday that I have really truly enjoyed for YEARS! With my beautiful boy 😎💖 in Lanzarote

              Jenny Rossington. 


Yes, this really is the same lady 12 months apart. The photo on the right is Jenny 8 months after her parathyroidectomy. Having met Jenny before her surgery I am astonished at how well and how youthful she is looking a year on, but I can really appreciate just how poorly she was before her surgery.

John Dennick. 

Surgery December 2017 QE Birmingham.  In September 17, he wrote: 'All I know is any trace of the person I used to be Is gone I don't want to talk to anyone, feel black and empty at the moment'

December 17: Hi all I'm on the other side! Surgery took about 2.5 hrs. The adenoma found on ultrasound was 4 x 3 cm like a golf ball!! He found a second adenoma hidden behind it that was about half that size.  

Thanks to Nik Thomson for asking his surgeon Justin Morgan and team to take these amazing photographs 27 June 2017 of his parathyroidectomy

The adenoma attached to the parathyroid gland was 1 gram in weight

Alison Ayres

5 days after parathyroidectomy, then 8 months later after a 4-week wild swimming tour of Europe.


Read Alison's story on our Case Stories Page. The difference in 'Quality of Life' is astonishing for many post op and Alison is literally glowing with health.

Incredible and lovely for us to see. These pictures inspire us not to give up fighting for surgery.

Molly Simmons...  
What a difference after 10 weeks

 2 days after parathyroidectomy

Hubby is now 2 weeks post-op. He felt so brilliant after a few days off work that he went back within a week of the op. This was against the advice of Mr Jani (he recommended 2 weeks off) and just about everyone else but what can you do.

Lorraine Shuker


At six months post op. ENT surgeon  Mr Ahmed Sweed, at Leighton Hospital in Cheshire has impressed us greatly with this tiny incision.

Lisa Greene:  

Well, thank god for that.
Parathyroidectomy successful. I am so thankful right now. I don't have any details yet but it was a long day with a few hiccups but the main thing is they got it wherever it was.   

Feeling thankful in Dublin

Julia Ellins:

Dear All, Today marks one year since my surgery!  Pre-op;  I lost nearly a stone and a half, despite still eating normally.   I had awful fatigue, bone pain, constant thirst/peeing and brain fog. 

Fast forward to today, I am back up to my normal weight, have my energy back and on the whole feel great!

Keep smiling and fighting, fellow paras...
                                      You will get there one day!

Leigh Harrison McMichael

Mom and I are both out of surgery and doing very well! Before spilling the details, I just would like to say thank you to everyone- for the support, the hoards of information and late night 'para comradery.' Truly, without this group I would not be sitting here today with this awesome incision on my neck. (I wish the scar would stay- I will wear it proudly).

Mom and I both had two problem paras in there. Hers were full on adenomas and mine were very enlarged and on their way.

No doctors believed me. When I struggled to pick up and care take for my now 19 month old daughter I was told I had postpartum and needed to 'take me time for four hours per week.' I missed out of a lot of precious fun with her because of this horrendous disease and I'll be working on accepting that as time goes on. Extremely thankful to have the chance to make up for lost time this summer when I am no longer couch bound and bed ridden. 

Amanda Botterill

Pre op photo October 2016

5 Days post op (April 2017 

Amanda  Di Vetta update.jpg

September 2017 ; Amanda had a keloid scar. Her surgeon prescribed hydrocortisone cream and silicone dressing.   She was referred to a plastic surgeon. As you can see from the picture above, after three appointments, with injections to the surrounding skin, had an amazing result.

Jane Allen Ex-Askew   June 2017

Some fleeting moments of my usual hand and feet pain but the foggy hard to concentrate brain symptoms have gone! I can actually read instructions today without re-reading several times

Dawn Austin lives in the UK but struggling to get a diagnosis she ventured to NPC Florida to get her life back in January 2017.

1 hour before surgery.....

10 days post op!

Carolyn Jenkins: June 2017

Steri strips off! Healing well, can't quite believe how small the incision is given that the para measured 4.5 cm. 6 days post op and feeling a little better each day.

We appreciate your feedback.

If our site has helped you get a diagnosis  and treatment, please let us know, by filling in the contact sheet and giving us feedback. 

Thank you

Liz Hicks 

Day 6 post op and totally amazed at the speed my body is going at to heal itself. A huge thank you to everyone in this group who have supported me along the way and to all those still waiting and fighting don't give up it will all be worth it in the end.

See how well it healed in 3 weeks! Amazing!

March 18 2015 :Alexander following years of kidney disease and transplant had surgery in Florida: 

Good morning to all here . It's been five days since surgery and first few days had leg pain, hands ,fingers but with the calcium pills and some here mention cup of milk; it's has helped greatly 😀 some here also mentioned being wired or jittery and I have felt it last night and couple  of times before really weird . Also my blood pressure has been lowering.

I know it's going to be a lot of changes so I am OK with that. Over all I am happy that I made this move to go Tampa.

I wished I did this sooner . I feel like fire crackers been lighting off and just thankful for the NPC for all they do and and for this page here that connects all walks of life world wide with the same issues and we can relate and give each other encouragement to over come this dreadful disease.

May 19, 2016:

I know it's been a while but never forget the love I got from this great group.

Well my last pth is 90 and calcium 9.2 that's where I am. I want give encouragement for those that I was able to go full time to university and 4.0 average all due to fact I got the surgery and can focus and I was able to start back surf fishing . Never give up and push and fight to get back to feeling great .

Meg Woodcraft: 

I'm 7 weeks and 2 days post op. Brain fog lifted immediately!! The lights went on and have been ever since...

My focus and clarity are back and I feel able to engage socially. I drove to Bristol and back from Essex the other week. Something I hadn't done for a couple of years..

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